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Claims Reporting

Claims Reporting

All claims should be reported to Henderson Insurance as soon as possible after the occurrence. Henderson will obtain all of the initial details about the claim and then forward the claim information to the insurance company. Whenever serious or life-threatening injuries occur immediately phone 911 to obtain emergency medical care prior to reporting the claim.


Some claims that occur after-hours may require immediate action that cannot wait until the next business day (the most common types of immediate action are board-up of damaged class or buildings and medical care for non-911 injuries). When claims that need immediate action occur after-hours immediately report the claim directly to the insurance company. Our main insurance companies have 24-hour reporting lines. Other phone numbers are shown below. Contact them and they can coordinate any immediate services that may be needed.

If you do report a claim directly to an insurance company, please also report the claim to our office on the next business day. There are different processes that must be performed to properly handle different aspects of claims. For example, clothing claims are handled differently than other kinds of claims. If you only report a claim to the insurance company and not to our office, it is possible that portions of your claim may not be handled in the most efficient and/or beneficial way for you and your customers.

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Customer Clothing Claims

If you have a customer clothing claim there are different ways to handle the claim. Claims that are obviously much larger than your deductible can be submitted to your insurance company for payment. But most claims are below your deductible. Henderson Insurance owns a claims adjusting firm. We can have our claims adjusting firm adjust the claim using the industry standard adjustment process. Usually this settlement amount will be below the insurance deductible. You can then send a check for the settlement amount to our office we will then create a formal claims adjustment for your customer using an insurance company check as if the claim was covered by your insurance. This often allows for difficult customer clothing damage claims to be resolved promptly and cost-effectively.

To Download A Copy Of The Customer Clothing Claim Form Click Here

Risk Services

Dry cleaning and laundries face many risks to their business, to their customers and to their employees. Many of these risks are not covered by standard business insurance policies. Henderson Insurance offers a Risk Services subscription to assist dry cleaners in reducing and managing the risks inherent in their business. The most commonly used Risk Service is the adjustment and settlement negotiation of clothing claims that are below an insured's deductible, that are discussed above. Risk Services include consultation and guidance on potential pollution claims, technical information to increase production efficiency and worker safety and more.