Henderson Insurance

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Company Overview

The Company
Henderson Insurance was founded in 1972 and has specialized at insuring dry cleaners and laundries since its inception. Over its history, Henderson has served other specialty businesses such as dentists, residential care homes, fast food restaurants, and gas stations. Since 2002, Henderson has narrowed its focus to serve only dry cleaners and laundries. Henderson Insurance serves to thousands of dry cleaners and laundries throughout the Western United States.
The Owners
Henderson Insurance is majority owned by Scott Henderson. Prior to working at Henderson, Scott was a CPA at the accounting firm of PriceWaterhouse Coopers. In addition to being a CPA, Scott is a licensed Independent Insurance Adjuster and has worked at Henderson for over 31 years. Scott is a graduate of UC Berkeley.
Byron Henderson, the founder of Henderson Insurance, owns the remainder of the company. Byron continues to work part-time, lending his 45 years of insurance expertise, primarily in the sales function.
The Staff
The Henderson Insurance underwriting staff have over 67 years of cumulative dry cleaner insurance experience. Adding Scott's and Michael's experience to the staff's experience gives Henderson employees over 117 years of dry cleaner insurance experience. The Henderson staff includes a former dry cleaner who currently is a board member of the California Cleaners Association and who was formerly the
Association's president.
Association Endorsements
Henderson Insurance is endorsed by two of the largest dry cleaner associations in the western United States: the California Cleaners Association and the Korean Drycleaner & Laundries Association.